Smart Face Masks – Here’s What You Need to Know

The recent launch of smart face masks has finally come to minimize the complexities of battling with the COVID-19. Whether that’s disposable 3-ply, surgical, or respirator, all sorts of face coverings reduce the transmission of bacteria up to some extent.

Since face masks are an integral tool to stop the spread of the pandemic, scientists and doctors from all over the world are using several tech advancements to make them even more efficient at reducing bacteria transmission.

In this article, we are going to shed light on how different countries are coming up with their versions of smart COVID-19 face masks, and what are their significant uses.

However, if you to know specifically about the purpose and specifications of regular ‘cloth’ face masks, then don’t forget to browse through some official health websites. It will provide you with a better understanding of these face masks work to control the spread of bacteria.

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Ostrich Antibodies

Scientific researchers in Japan are experimenting with ostrich antibodies to detect the COVID-19 symptoms with the help of ultra-violet light. According to them, it will allow them to pick up even the slightest traces of the virus in any person.

Kyoto Prefectural University’s scientific expert Yasuhiro Tsukamoto and his team are trying to develop a smart face mask that’s based on the evidence of previous COVID-19 researches that ostriches have a strong resistance to this pandemic. The mask’s filter has been coated with several ostrich antibodies. Test subjects were asked to wear those face masks for eight hours straight. After that, the mask filters were sprayed with a specific chemical that glows when it comes to contact with ultraviolet light.

Currently, the whole team is trying to launch a face mask that will glow automatically.

Microfluidics On Nanomaterials

According to PHE, “All types of face coverings are, to some extent, effective in reducing transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in both healthcare and public, community settings. This is through a combination of source control and protection to the wearer.”

Scientists in the United Kingdom are currently using nanomaterials to design face masks that can help to control the spread of COVID-19.

At the University of Aberdeen, an entire research team has been dedicated to using microfluidics technology, which would use silver nanoparticles to increase the overall efficiency of masks, and turn them into active barriers for COVID-19 reduction.

Freeze-Dried Cellular Machinery

The engineers at Harvard University and MIT are experimenting with tiny, disposable sensors to indicate the symptoms of COVID-19.

They are working on a smart face mask that can easily diagnose the pandemic symptoms within the first ninety minutes of wearing them. These face masks rely on freeze-dried cellular machinery that they have previously experimented with at the paper diagnostics of Zika and Ebola.

However, to maintain user privacy, the results are always displayed on the inner layer of the face mask. Besides this, currently, the researchers have executed the use of these sensors into lab coats as well for the same purpose. Sounds cool, right?

According to James Collins, the Termeer Professor of Medical Engineering and Science in MIT’s Institute for Medical Engineering and Science (IMES) and Department of Biological Engineering, “We’ve demonstrated that we can freeze-dry a broad range of synthetic biology sensors to detect viral or bacterial nucleic acids, as well as toxic chemicals, including nerve toxins. We envision that this platform could enable next-generation wearable biosensors for first responders, health care personnel, and military personnel.”

Razer – Project Hazel Face Mask (Top Features)

  • Active Ventilation: It consists of a detachable ventilator that helps to regular the airflow and filters at least ninety-five percent of airborne particles.
  • Surgical N95 Respirator: Besides BFE, this mask also features a high fluid resistance which keeps you away from water splashes, or large droplets while breathing.
  • Auto-Sterilization Function: Project Hazel face mask also provides you with a charging case that’s lined with a UV light interior to kill viruses and bacteria when you charge it.

The Bottom-line

Although different states and countries have various attitudes and legislations on covering their face, still by the beginning of 2021, 96% of Spanish citizens stated that they are always going to wear a face mask while going out as it protects them from the overall disease spread.

To know more about various COVID-19 protection policies regarding face masks, please don’t forget to check out some official health blogs, articles on websites. But before you begin, just make sure that you are connected to a secure and high-speed internet connection like Spectrum.

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