Celebrate the Holidays with Pocket7Games Christmas Event Update 

This year, Pocket7Games is giving users even more ways to win. Whether you’re a fan of the tried and true Solitaire Clash, Bingo Clash, or just love playing through the best skill-based, legit games in mobile gaming –– you’re not going to want to miss this update. 

For a limited time, from December 13, 2021, to January 2, 2022, fans will be able to log in and enjoy a revamped Bingo Clash and Solitaire Clash design. On top of that, they’ll have even more ways to play online and win cash, with exclusive access to the ultra-rare Dice Event. 

Most fans have probably heard of the Dice Event, but for those who are newer to the Pocket7Games space, the Dice Event allows players to win up to $500 in bonus cash! To play, users must simply log in to secure sparkles (which can then be redeemed to play the Dice Tour)  and then roll the dice. With every roll, they’ll have the chance to win more and more moves across the board, so they can eventually make their way across that sweet, sweet finish line. 

However, if you’re more enticed by free cash tournaments –– or even real money bingo –– you’ll still have plenty to celebrate. 

Part of why Pocket7Games has continued to disrupt the mobile gaming space so quickly is because of its commitment to creating the most competitive, skill-based lineups possible. For each game, each player is evaluate d and scored based on their unique skill level. P7G then takes that number and matches a user up against another player with an equal skill level to ensure the most thrilling competition possible. 

So while countless users login to simply play games for cash, an elite community of dedicated players has continued to advance through competitive, head-to-head showdowns.

However, to ensure every player has the chance to gear up and advance their skills right from the get-go, Pocket7Games also offers users a week of extra awesome login rewards to celebrate their first week of gameplay. After that week, users will still have plenty of ways to win and can still enjoy a ton of awesome login rewards each day, as well as gain extra rewards for inviting friends to the app. In fact, for each new player who joins using your referral code, you’ll be rewarded 100 extra sparkles plus a “Dig” (which can be used to enter the awesome Cash Miner event). 

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That said, if free cash and flashy gameplay aren’t quite enough to get you excited, users will also have the chance to win an iPhone 13 or Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G through the full Christmas Event update! So log in today to take advantage of all these seasonal offers for a limited time, plus unlimited deposits, the best-in-class mini-games, and a wide array of holiday rewards. Plus, every game you play might just end up rewarding you with a little extra cash to spend on gifting, so get playing today! 

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Summary: Log in to play through a ton of awesome events, mini-games, and free cash tournaments on Pocket7Games! Plus, for a limited time, cash in on all sorts of seasonal rewards to win a little extra cash for holiday gifting. 

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