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789BET virtual sports makes a difference from traditional sports betting in that each bet takes place extremely quickly. This will give players the opportunity to participate in conquering many rounds in the same time compared to traditional sports.

1.Introducing virtual sports 789BET

789BET Virtual Sports will change your betting concept. Until now, if players only knew about betting through professional matches, now you know a whole new form of betting. The matches are simulated by beautiful technology, which can help players fully grasp the progress of the match.

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Thereby, players will use betting odds completely similar to real football and real horse racing. For sports such as basketball and football in general, there are still Handicap, European, and over and under. As for virtual horse racing, it is still an outright, each way, place, …

For those of you who do not have much time to spend 90 minutes watching football, 789BET virtual sports is a reasonable alternative. The match still takes place with all the elements, but the time will be shortened to about 3 minutes.

Super fun virtual sports

2. 789BET virtual sports included?

Referring to 789BET virtual sports, people immediately think of football betting. This is a super classic pick and gets the biggest payouts in the virtual sports lobby. In addition, 789BET also has virtual basketball betting, virtual tennis, virtual horse racing, let’s explore!

2.1 Virtual football

King sport dominates the virtual sports betting hall, with the course of a match being shortened many times. Players have the opportunity to challenge themselves with bets just like traditional football. Every 3 minutes, when the results are announced, you will also know whether the amount you invested is a profit or a loss.

Are virtual soccer match results reputable? This is certainly something that many players are pondering for fear of the risk of setting the outcome. This situation never happens at 789BET virtual sports, the set of random variables responsible for calculating the results. Not even the creator of this technology knows what the next result will be.

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2.2 Virtual basketball

789BETs also expands virtual football under the scale of professional matches around the world. Modern simulation technology, realistic images, vivid to every movement. These are the descriptions when people mention 789BET virtual sports betting. Bettors are extremely satisfied with the exciting experiences that a simulated sports game portal can bring.

2.3 Virtual horse racing

Virtual horse racing at the bookie 789BET has the same elements as real horse racing. Because this game does not hold many tournaments like football, the bookie has actively set up a virtual horse racing betting hall. Here, the horses are simulated realistically, players rely on the parameters to find the horse that best suits them.

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Online virtual horse racing bets

3.Virtual sports bet 789BET

For all types of balls in general, traditional betting or virtual sports are the same. Revolving around over-under, European and Asian markets, we have the following basic analysis.

3.1 Over and under bets

On the table, the house 789BET will sign the over/under bet as O/U, this is just a way to signify and the betting rules are the same. The Y coefficient given by the bookie is the standard for over and under, deciding whether you will receive money from 789BET or not.

If the player guesses the talent, the total score of the match is Y or more, then you have a bet

If the player guesses under, the total score of the match is Y or less, then you lose the bet

3.2 European Handicap

Players bet on the win or loss of the two participating teams. The weaker the team, the more favorably 789BETs sports with a high multiplier, and conversely, the stronger the team, the house will only offer the average bonus coefficient. In the house rafters table, European rafters are briefly denoted 1×2.

3.3 Asian Handicap

Coming to Asian rafters is a lot of knowledge about each of the different coefficients. At the beginning of playing 789BET virtual sports, if you do not understand what a handicap is, you can look it up on your web browser. Asian handicap includes handicap 2, handicap 3, handicap on the ball, 1.25, rafter 1.5, rafter 1.75,…

Screenshot 3

Virtual sports 3 minutes 1 match

Suggest some good options in virtual sports 789BET for players to get a new feeling of sublimation in betting. Today, if a bettor opens an account to conquer virtual sports, he will receive a very special cash incentive.

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