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When participating in an online betting game at the house, anyone must make a deposit to the account to be able to freely experience the game. Not too difficult for longtime brothers. But new players certainly still have many surprises. So in this article, I will guide in detail how to top up the simplest BK8. Please refer!

1.What is BK8 deposit?

About BK8 deposit method

The form of online betting at the house BK8 is that you will invest real money to earn the corresponding profit. After the game account is activated at the homepage, players need to make a deposit of BK8 into the system to equip the “start-up” capital ready to serve the betting process.

Depositing at BK8 is the transaction steps of depositing money into the player’s own game account through a number of channels provided by the system. When the player makes a deposit, the house will transfer this exact amount to the member’s game account.

From there, players can use them to bet on games available on the BK8 system, you will experience all the services and attractive features of exclusive games only available at the house. .

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2.Why should know how to top up BK8?

Top up BK8 is something every member needs to know

Players need to learn this process in detail in order to:

Deposit money into the system, set up capital to bet at all game halls.

Knowing the deposit methods of each transaction channel saves a lot of time.

To ensure that the BK8 deposit process does not make mistakes, lose money unjustly, etc.

Join attractive promotions, get free money for testing from the house.

3. Detailed instructions on how to top up popular BK8

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Detailed instructions on how to top up BK8

BK8 is a reputable bookie established in 2015 with a long experience in the profession, so it is extremely understanding of player psychology. To meet the needs of all customers, BK8 has released a variety of payment methods. Today’s article will guide you through a few basic forms of BK8 deposit, the most chosen by many people:

3.1 Deposit via bank

This is one of the first ways to deposit money and has also been chosen by many brothers. This method will help players ensure safety while trading. Because the bookie has links with many big banks in Vietnam, so there is no fear of losing money.

However, each person must have a separate main account to apply this method. In addition to the online form, you can also top up BK8 at the bank’s direct counter.

Step 1: Players will find a link to the bookmaker’s website and then click on Deposit.

Step 2: Next, select Local Bank and find the name of the bank you want to transact with.

Step 3: Enter complete information and the amount you want to top up, then click Submit. Bettors please check the information to avoid confusion. Remember to keep the payment receipt, in case something goes wrong

3.2 Top up via e-wallet

E-wallets are not too strange to today’s bettors, are they? Currently, the bookie has provided Zalo Pay and Momo e-wallet for customers to conveniently transact.

Step 1: Players will also find and access the official BK8 link and select Deposit.

Step 2: Next, find the deposit method is E-wallet, choose to pay via Momo or Zalo Pay.

Step 3: Enter the amount you want to deposit into your game account, verify the information and click Submit.

Step 4: Finally, the player scans the code to complete the procedure.

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3.3 Top up via scratch card

Top-up BK8 by phone card is a payment method that has been used for a long time. And to this day it is favored for its convenience. Most of the house methods are not too difficult or complicated. Anyone, even a novice, can still operate:

Step 1: Visit the bookie’s website through the official link. Find the Deposit section and select the method to deposit via Mobile Card.

Step 2: Here the player enters all the information that the system is asking for, including the amount to deposit.

Step 3: After carefully reading the details, click the Submit button.

Step 4: At this point, the screen will appear another website, the player reconfirms the card number, card code as well as the serial number. Currently, the bookie only provides customers with 4 popular cards including: Vinaphone, Viettel, Mobifone, and Vietnamobile.

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4.Some notes when making a deposit of BK8

Things to note when participating in BK8 recharge

To limit errors while depositing at BK8, bettors need to consider a few things:

Always check all the bank details as well as the amount before clicking the Submit button.

The account name must match the previously registered name. If you make a BK8 deposit through a third-party account, it will be considered invalid.

If you receive a successful deposit notification, but after 10 minutes, the money has not been in your account. At this point, players should contact the dealer’s customer service department directly to find a suitable solution.

Depending on the method, the player’s deposit amount must be greater than the minimum number offered by the house.


The above article has guided players in detail on the most basic forms of BK8 deposit. If you encounter any difficulties during the transaction, do not forget to contact the bookie staff for immediate assistance.

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