Why you should invest in quality copywriting

The copy on your website, blog posts, ads, landing pages and beyond, can truly make or break a business. Think I’m being dramatic? Take some time to think about it. Your copy is essentially how you present your brand to the world, and potential customers. If you don’t invest in high quality copy (the words you put out into the world), you could be missing out on many valuable opportunities. Let’s run through some of the key reasons why you need to invest in quality copy. 

  1. Brand voice 

First cab off the rank is the ability to establish a clear and consistent brand voice & tone. If you choose to write without the help of a professional copywriter – it can be difficult to establish either. And both are key to creating brand recognition and setting the grounds for a fertile connection with potential customers. If a prospect is met with anything odd, low value or seemingly out of character, chances are they’re unlikely to connect with your brand. Particularly in the introduction stage. For example, a poorly written blog or website page could be the reason a prospect decides not to get in touch with you.

2. Trust 

Feeding off the first point, if your copy isn’t of high quality, it can immediately hinder your intended audiences’ likelihood to trust your brand. After all, if you can’t get the copy on your own website right and communicate the value your company provides, why should anyone else put their trust in you? Poor, or even average, copy is an immediate turn off and red flag for many. Well-written, compelling copy and high-value content like an eBook on the other hand, can help you establish your credibility and build foundations of trust.

3. Your conversion rate

Perhaps one of the most important reasons to invest in high quality copy is that it can directly impact your conversion rate. After all trust, persuasion and communication are key to conversion and these are all the things a professional copywriter should bring to the table. If you have an experienced copywriter crafting your landing pages, ad copy, service pages – it’s much easier to see conversions.

4. SEO 

Finally, a professional copywriter in today’s world is likely to have advanced SEO copywriting skills. And these skills are crucial to boosting your organic search rankings,  and ensuring high visibility on the web. Unless you want to invest heavily in building your own knowledge of keywords, optimal length and so on, investing in a copywriting professional is your best bet to ranking success. 

There you have it! 4 reasons why you absolutely should invest in quality copy. We’d recommend you do some research into the available options in your area and find professional copywriting services that can help you meet your copywriting requirements. In Australia? Check out Prozely: we have a database of experienced, hand-vetted Australian copywriters who want to help.

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