First Impression Matters. Especially when It Comes To Your Website.

The first impression, as they say, is the last impression. This is true when it comes to helpful web design tips. It is because when a user comes to your website, the first thing they see will determine their entire experience. If your website is not able to perform well during the first few opening seconds, you will lose not only valuable visitors but also the opportunity to establish an effective brand memory that can generate sales and create interest in the long run.

There are various factors involved when it comes to creating the best first impression. Collaborating with website designers who realize these factors is important to developing an attractive and professional-looking website. Visual elements, for instance, the colors, structure, and spacing, are usually considered very important in website design appeal. Simultaneously, the features that we often overlook, such as fonts and text layout, also impact the on-site engagement and experience.

Having a web designer that carefully considers these details and gives importance to these factors leads to a more attractive looking website, turns more visits into prolonged stays, and provides users with amazing web pages and the experience they need in order to stay on your website and make purchases from your business.

We asked Effective Marketing & Design to share their thoughts on the most important things a website needs in order to leave a great first impression.

  • Simplicity: Most of the users out there like simple web designs in comparison to complex ones. They want to engage with the visual elements on your web pages effortlessly. Therefore, make it simple and straightforward.
  • Familiarity:Things such as visual elements, logos, headers, stock photos, and CTAs, are required to be meeting the expectations of visitors. They must tell them about what you offer. In case the aforementioned elements do not meet the expectations of your visitors, it will only result in confusion and a negative brand image.
  • Accuracy: Preciseness and accuracy are one of the most important things. Everything and all types of features must be accurate and should reflect your brand when people visit your website.

In addition to all this, you need to reduce your load times. “Having a slow website can prove to be detrimental for you, making it difficult to keep your prospect sticking to your website and purchasing something from there. Most of the top-notch websites today load fast, and a lot of Internet users expect this from your website as well. Believe me or not, if your blogs or homepage are not going to load faster, your prospects will leave your site and will look for a solution at someone else’s site,” – says Anastasia Enikeeva, Wix Website Designer at Effective Marketing & Design.

In a nutshell, the loading time of a website is the most crucial and important element of any responsive and practical design effort. It certainly affects the overall experience of your visitors and, ultimately, your ability to convert them. It should never be compromised and ignored and must always be the first priority of a web designer while developing a wonderful site design.

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