Why You Should Buy a Vacation Home in Whistler, Canada

Vacation homes are becoming more and more popular as people realize they need a getaway that won’t leave them at risk of having to sleep in a hotel or spending time stuck in a cheap hostel.

If you’re ready to give yourself the best vacation home possible: it’s time to check out Whistler.  This area has a little bit of magic for everyone.

The Summers Are Gorgeous

Summers in Whistler feels like the perfect camping conditions every day.  The mountains are bright green, with beautiful trails for hiking, biking, and camping.  Bright blue rivers flow through these areas, bringing them to life and allowing visitors to kayak or white water raft, depending on the area of the river they start in.

Summers are also an ideal time to try local treats like rhubarb and strawberry baked goods, maple bacon, and fantastic fine dining at local restaurants.  You’ll fall in love at first bite.

The Winters Are Legendary

If you don’t love snow, you’ll want to consider anywhere else but Whistler.  This area gets incredible amounts of snow every winter, allowing for the slopes to fill for skiing, snowboarding, and any other winter sport you could think of.

This is one of the top skiing locations in the world; hundreds of thousands of people travel here every winter to get the experience of a lifetime.  Owning a vacation home here means you always have a room ready for yourself and never have to worry about getting in before other tourists.

Property Values Continue to Skyrocket

Although Whistler homes for sale continue to skyrocket in price, that means you need to buy sooner rather than later.  Whistler isn’t in a housing bubble; it has limited land and is only able to develop so much of it.  This ensures that properties sell for more and that you never have to worry about your vacation home losing the value it has.

Thankfully, this could mean you treat this property as a nest egg.  You can still vacation and use the property, but doing so while knowing that you’ll eventually be able to sell it for obscene amounts of money.  

Vancouver’s a Short Drive Away

Any good vacation allows you to get more than one unique experience.  Thankfully, Vancouver is less than a couple of hours away, which gives vacationers a chance to travel between the two and go from skiing all day directly to enjoying the partying nightlife in Vancouver.

The Feeling of Community

Whistler feels like a community, even if you’re only here for select months of the year.  This means you can depend on the community, talk to locals as a local, and get to be a part of what makes Whistler so incredible.  This is an amazing area of Canada, and by taking good care of it, you get to help ensure it’s enjoyed for many generations to come. 

There’s No Community More Homey Than Whistler

Whether you’ve never been to Whistler before, or you’re in love with this area because you visit every year: there’s no community quite like Whistler.  Consider getting a vacation home here, so you always have a slice of paradise to run off to.

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