Three Reasons To Choose Guy Grip Dead End Of Henvcon

Do you want to know why you should choose Henvcon’s Guy Grip Dead End? Here is a three-point list, outlining the benefits and features that make it more than competitive in this industry.

Three reasons to choose Guy Grip Dead End of Henvcon

  1. Keeping electric networks safe and reliable for use: The force of the current passing through can actually damage the conductor over time when a cable is connected to a conductor, which will eventually lead to deformation. And this deformation can further damage the connecting cable and reduce the reliability of the entire electric network. In this context, a guy grip helps reduce the force of the current passing through and reduces wear and tear on the cables so as to boost their life expectancy and reliability.
  2. Extending the life of conductors used in electric works: Guy grip dead ends have been long used for electric poles/ towers and transmission lines. They are mainly used to keep cables in transmission lines taught and fastened. They can extend the life of conductors used in electric works because of their durability against the wind, self-load, or any external loads, which makes them last longer.
  3. Resisting corrosion: Guy grip dead end of Henvcon is usually manufactured with quality materials that are corrosion resistant. They are essentially built to withstand external environmental conditions, including heavy rains, strong winds, dust, sunlight, etc.


Established in 2012, Henvcon has become one of the leading suppliers of OPGW and ADSS cable performed fittings. It provides clients with high-quality power cables and wire accessories used on various occasions, including power and telecommunication systems, railway signals, towers, antennas, etc.

Quality products, competitive pricing, and highly reliable customer service are available in Henvcon as well, please visit us as soon as possible to get a favorable price!

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