Employer of Record UAE

A popular strategy for businesses looking to enter the UAE market is to partner with an Employer of

Record. An Employer of Record UAE partner is a third-party organization that acts as the legal employer of

your workforce, allowing you to hire and engage employees without having to set up a local entity in the


Your Employer of Record UAE partner takes on all essential employer-related and HR administrative

functions, as well as being responsible for all the required legal, regulatory, and compliance processes

that companies have to navigate. In addition, a reputable Employer of Record UAE partner, such as

Auxilium, will also provide other key services, including:

Managing immigration, visa, and onboarding processes

Managing termination and offboarding processes

Producing legal and compliant employment contracts

Providing & maintaining all statutory benefits Maintaining records of all regulatory documents

Producing & maintaining HR reports & records

Managing all payroll processes, reports & records

Providing ongoing regulatory guidance and support

Many organizations have realized the benefits that an Employer of Record UAE partner can bring to their

business when they are looking to increase their global presence or hire the best international talent, the

most significant of which is the ability to legally hire people in the UAE and to support them locally.

However, there are also many tangible benefits for the employees themselves when their company uses the EOR service partner, and these include:

Legal Permanent Employment

One of the most important factors for people working for a company through an Employer of Record

UAE partner is that they are legally employed directly by the Employer of Record UAE partner, bringing a

whole range of benefits that working as a contractor, or under other agreements, does not offer.

As a fulltime employee of the Employer of Record UAE partner, you will have a legally compliant

employment contract and will therefore be entitled to all the benefits that this brings, including holiday

pay, sick leave, maternity leave, health insurance, end-of-service gratuity (where applicable), the list

goes on. Essentially, you are entitled to all the statutory benefits of a full time employee in the UAE,

together with any additional benefits offered by the Employer of Record UAE partner and the client for

whom you are working.

Peace of Mind

Working in a new territory or with a new employer can be a stressful experience, and this is particularly

true if you are working remotely from your new employer’s main business operations. As part of their

remit, your Employer of Record UAE partner acts as your local HR Department and will be able to give

you the on-the-ground support and reassurance you need. Importantly, in their role as your legal

employer, the Employer of Record UAE partner will also ensure that you are paid in full and on time.

International Career Opportunities

Working with an Employer of Record UAE partner opens up a whole range of new opportunities, while

also making your international career goals far more achievable. For many talented professionals,

employment with an Employer of Record UAE partner acts as a springboard for their future career


Flexible Working: Remote working is the new norm for many companies, and with an Employer of

Record UAE partner you can work with the best international organizations in your field, without

necessarily relocating. Using the services of an Employer of Record UAE partner can also offer other

flexible and hybrid working strategies for the employer and employee alike.

Easy Relocation: For candidates looking to work in in the UAE for the first time, an Employer of Record

UAE partner makes the whole process fast, efficient, and painless, managing all immigration, visa and

work permit processes for each candidate at a personal level.

Expand Horizons: Employer of Record UAE partners help to remove the geographic barriers and other

challenges that companies and candidates often face, empowering the best talent to work with the best


As one of the most reputable Employer of Record UAE partners, Auxilium brings a range of benefits to

both employers and employees operating and working in the UAE.

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