Revealing ways to predict fortunes from experts

The Sic Bo game is probably no longer strange to many people, this game attracts a much larger number of participants at the portals. game, this article will reveal to you the experiences and ways fortune prediction with high win rate.

What is fortune telling?

Over/under game Also known as Sicbo game, a game that attracts the most players at the house 789BET Link Mới 

Sic Bo is a betting game originating from China. To play Sic Bo, you need 3 dice, each dice has 6 sides corresponding to the value from 1 to 6.

The Sic Bo player is responsible for predicting what the value of the 3 dice will be when they are rolled and stopped and place a bet.

This is a method specifically for Sic Bo games, this concept refers to how to find the results of each game, of course the method search will need to rely on experience and the ability to calculate the probability of dice.

Way Predict over/under Standards often take many years Experience playing Sic Bo, has good observation and calculation ability.

Playing over and under, can the house’s over/under odds be deceived?

The answer here is no.

Actually, for the average person Over/Under game It’s a 50/50 luck game like that. Like right or wrong, red or black, “If you win, you win everything, or you lose everything.” But that is just the objective view of ordinary people who do not clearly understand how to play Sic Bo.

In theory 1+1 can be equal to 3, long distance can be shortened. If we know how to calculate more carefully, the 50% winning rate can be much higher. The reason  789Bet  made such a statement is because game Playing Over/Under has many types of bets.

For example, placing in pairs, sets or total numbers will be equivalent to each value ratio on the over/under table of each individual. dealer… Better luck with numbers of sets of 3 (3 dice all show the same number). With a very high value ratio, the house has up to 1:180 and you can be the winner if your luck is “red” and you calculate well.

In fact, most people will think that playing sic-bo online is boring. Because the image or sound of rolling dice is not attractive. Or over/under on the machine may not be fair to them… However. Current over/under with vivid images. And the realistic sound takes you into space as if you were playing live in a Casino with real images of real people.

In addition, many websites have now put into operation applications that publish results directly on the website after the draw. This ensures transparency and creates trust for players. Therefore, you can completely trust the absolute randomness of Over/Under on  789Bet .

Play soi loi diu on  789Bet  today. If you don’t want to miss the opportunity 1 to 99.5%. If you don’t have an account, take 5 minutes and follow these 3 steps Register for  789Bet . Never before has making money been so open!

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Make money from predicting over/under odds – A safe path to wealth

The 21st century, the century of the Internet and information technology 4.0 flooding the world. The Internet has become popular, popular and can be considered indispensable in life. Online Sic Bo is gradually encroaching on all of your websites online card game big. And become an indispensable part of the card game site.

After many years of development, Sic Bo has become one of the indispensable games in large casinos, including Western casinos. However, not everyone has the conditions to visit such places. Therefore, online Sic Bo is a perfect choice for those who want to find light, easy-to-play games for entertainment after tiring working hours.

Common types of over/under bets

Below are the common types of over/under bets

Flat bridge

Over/under bets appear when you observe that the history of the betting table has many Over or Under times in 3 to 4 consecutive games.

Island bridge 1-1

A 1-1 reversal is when you see that the result of the game is Over/Under appearing alternately in the game, regularly like that for 3 or 4 or 5 consecutive games.

Bridge 1-2-3 or 3-2-1

Praying for 1 2 3 or 3 2 1 means there can be 3 unders, 2 overs and 1 under or 3 overs and 3 unders and 1 over. This bridge is quite rare but can still be applied if you are lucky.

Other types of over/under bets

In Sic Bo and online bridge games, in addition to the above-mentioned bridge types, there are also expanded bridge types such as: 1 2 3 1, 3 2 1 1, and 4 3 2 1. Compared to the popular bridge types mentioned above, Above, these types of bridges do not have specific rules, we must speculate based on experience.

Ways to predict over/under always win

If you are just starting out with the online Sic Bo game or have been playing for a while and don’t know How to predict fortune To have a high winning rate, please refer to the following methods.

How to check the over/under odds 1: Remember the historical table

How to bet Sic Bo based on the ability to memorize historical tables is a quite effective prediction method.

Through the History Table of bets, players can remember to find the most accurate Over/Under results.

However, remembering the history table is not simple, this requires gamers to have the ability to remember and be sensitive to numbers.

Although it is difficult, there is a method to help gamers remember the history table, which is to choose a few “tables” with storms to remember.

For example, the result of a table is: Over Over Over Over Under Storm Over Storm.

If you have the above results, you can now place a big bet or even bet all of them, this is an opportunity to increase your score very quickly.

If you want to be more careful, you should wait until the end of the storm to bet, then you will gain the most points because the payout rate during the storm is very high.

How to bet on over/under and win quickly based on the rules of probability

How to predict over/under odds Based on probability which is not simple, this method of prediction is often applied by experienced gamers.

This method is also not suitable for those who play emotionally and believe in their sixth sense.

However, apply probability Over/under betting often brings unexpected results.

To put it simply and understandably, this method of prediction is: if the probability of a storm is 1:180, it means that in 180 games there will be 1 storm.

Based on this basis, you can take the opportunity to bet big on games that are close to the number 180 but there is no storm yet. If you do it this way your chances of winning will be very high.

It can also be understood that, if you look at the history table and see that many games have passed but no storm has appeared, it means that the storm rate of future games will be higher, catching storms and betting will be much simpler. much.

Bet quickly to predict over or under

Double attack inside over/under is a way to bet on the next game twice as much as the previous game if the previous game is lost. The rule will be: double the next game if the previous game loses, when winning, return to betting the original amount and continue betting in rounds.

Check the over/under odds Online will have its own rules, the way to play the folding game applied in online games will be as follows: When looking at the bridge, we see that we are about to reverse the bridge, then apply it.

Playing in a folding style will help players earn back the money lost in previous games quickly and quite effectively.

To play in the folding style, you need to be able to calculate probability combined with following the match history. For example: The probability of a storm is 1:150, which means there will be 1 storm in every 150 games. You will watch the storm to double the amount of money.

Placing double bets on games that are close to a storm will help you recover the lost money and can even make a lot of profit.

How to accurately predict over/under according to demand

Based on common types of over/under bets, we have standard ways to predict over/under for each bridge as follows:

For stilt bridges

If you see a flat bridge appear, you should hit the first half of the bridge strongly, then gradually decrease.

The flat bridge is said to often appear from the 3rd game onwards. Experienced players in the game of Sic Bo often advise that they should observe the folding style in the last game before changing balls.

For island bridge 1-1

Similar to the flat bridge, the 1-1 island bridge type often appears from the 3rd or 4th game onwards. If you want to win big, players should bet a lot in the first games, bet less towards the end and fold in the next game. last.

How to predict over/under For 3-2-1

Once you understand the rules of 3 2 1, you will easily bet on the correct door.

For bridge 1-2-3

With bridge 1 2 3, players should bet a lot at the beginning of the bridge, bet less on the last games, usually there will be about 5 consecutive sessions when this bridge appears.

Instructions on how to predict fortune and faint in detail

According to an experienced player, he deposits 50k and will win about 30 games. There are still losing games but wins and the bonus is always 500k to 700k, proving that just depositing 50k will earn you twice as much. more than 10 times the capital invested.

The following are detailed step-by-step instructions Over/under betting from expert players.

First, load the card to play with denominations ranging from 20k to 500k depending on whether the player wants to play big or small.

Next, when entering the game, observe and monitor the probability of the bridges appearing, predicting the direction of the bridges. Once we understand the rhythm of the over/under bridge, we can start placing bets.

Playing this way will bring a winning rate of up to 90%, which is great, right? If you want to start with over/under prediction, you should apply it this way to get the best results.

A note for players is that the bridge can be broken at any time, 1 over 1 under, then 2 overs 1 under, if so, it means breaking the bridge.

That’s why predicting based on experience alone is not enough, we really need the support of the god of luck.

Experience predicting over/under from experts

In any game, experienced people always have the advantage. Just relying on luck won’t help you much, and you may even lose everything.

Especially in Sic Bo games, players should be proactive and make wise decisions. Making timely decisions requires players with good skills and extensive experience.

As a game, many people think that winning or losing is due to luck, but in reality, many experienced players in this game have accumulated experience and calculation ability, thereby easily winning. win games.

Experience predicting over/under from experts

According to my experience How to catch over/under From the experts, each game will have different results, players need to keep up with the rhythm and analyze the over and under ratio in their game.

The speed of Over/Under games is also very fast, which means there is not much time for analysis but needs to be done as quickly as possible.

You should not follow all the games. If you find that the bridge signal cannot be determined, you should stop at this time.

Continue the game when you have clearly grasped the concept of over/under bets and know when over/under bets appear.

Don’t bet too much right from the first game. Calmly observe and grasp the bridge signals. Once you have grasped it, bet more and apply a folding strategy.

Betting for over/under should not be based on points

To catch correctly, players should not catch according to the scores of the dice, you will be influenced by this result and will only be more confused.

Focus on over and under results to analyze and give the most accurate results.

For online or even real-life betting games, you should not participate without any experience, this will only cause you to lose money.

Don’t rely on luck, use experience to observe and learn How to predict over/under prepare to win, master the games, wish you success!

How to bet on Over/Under like an expert (Suggestion)

Today, we will learn together how to bet on Over/Under correctly like an expert. After this article, even if you are a first-time player, you will be confident enough to place money on bets that you feel are sure to win.

Some notes from experts when playing Sic Bo

Above, we have understood how to bet over and under as well as how to bet effectively.

However, don’t let the pressure of winning or losing affect your psychology of playing at the house. To win a bet, you must first maintain a stable mentality, so that you can make the right decisions. Here are some notes you need to remember when playing Sic Bo:

  • Select reputable bookmaker For betting, not all bookmakers guarantee to provide you with fair and transparent Sic Bo playing services. If you join a fraudulent bookmaker, you will definitely never win your bet because they use tricks and interfere with the results.
  • Don’t be subjective or arrogant about how much you have experience. Online betting needs to be predictable, not being careful even for a moment can turn winning into losing and turning a lot of money into nothing. You must really concentrate and carefully observe all developments on the betting table.
  • Never add your winnings to the game money thinking you will double it and get rich. If you use that money to bet, most of you will participate in vain and will definitely lose. The more money you have, the higher your subjectivity.

Conclusion: bet on over/under

Above are some ways to predict over/under odds as well as instructions and tips that a team of previous players have summarized through collecting and engaging in use. Through the article on how to predict over/under bets that always win 100 players, 90% win the bet that I share with you is useful information for those who want to find How to predict over/under. Thereby, increasing the chance of winning bets when “rolling” the game of Sic Bo.

In addition, there are currently many ways that you can refer to in many places. Hopefully with the above knowledge of 789Bet casino will help those new to this business gain more experience to turn their dreams into reality.

Hope you have more reference materials so you can make the right decisions and get your money back.

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