Is Gunjan Saxena Now Worth $40 Million?

The Gunjan Saxena biopic, which was released on Netflix on August 12, has performed exceptionally well at the box office. The film stars Janhvi Kapoor as the leading lady, and is co-produced by Dharma productions. It also stars Angad Bedi and Pankaj Mishra. Although it has not been revealed what the budget for the biopic was, the film has earned a lucrative return through its OTT platform. The film has been estimated to have earned around thirty to thirty-five crores.

While the film has been a hit in the Bollywood cinemas, it has yet to hit the 100 crore mark in the box office. While Netflix did not release the film in theaters, it was sold to the streaming service for a whopping 50 crore rupees. The film is expected to earn even more with satellite rights. However, the question is, how much will Gunjan Saxena actually make in the box office?

This biopic film is based on the life of Indian air force pilot Gunjan Saxena. The film stars Janhvi Kapoor, Pankaj Tripathi, and Angad Bedi. It is the first Indian movie starring a woman in a combat role. The film will be released on Netflix on 12 August 2020. Depending on how well it does at the box office, it will have an average of $40 million worldwide.

The Kargil Girl, directed by Gunjan Saxena, would have been a more successful movie if it had been released on Netflix. Netflix does not have day-to-day updates on its box office collections. The movie’s digital rights selling price will be used to determine how much the film has earned at the box office. The film also received good reviews from Komal Nahta and Priyanka Chopra.

As the elder sister of Anshuman Saxena, Gunjan Saxena was always curious about the airplane cockpit. Her older brother would never let her look out of the window. But when a friendly air hostess offered her a seat in the cockpit, she became fascinated with it. She was immediately enamored with the cockpit and decided to make the film. This film has gone on to become one of the most successful biopics in history.

While Gunjan is academically gifted, she wants to leave high school to pursue her dream of being a pilot. Her parents, however, disagree, believing that women shouldn’t be in the cockpit. The father, Anup, is insistent that Gunjan pursue her dream despite the conflicts between the two. However, Anshuman warns Gunjan that the Indian Air Force is not a place for women, but he insists that she pursue her dreams despite her family’s disapproval. The film’s box office collection is at a record high.

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