Gordon Ramsy is Back in the Film Scene with His First Season Like Next Level Chef

Fox and chef Gordon Ramsay yell “Vive la Difference” on the new series Next Level Chef and have released a preview trailer for the new series. Season 1 of The Next Level Chef came to a close by defeating Native American chef Pyet Despain after 10 grueling rounds of a contest designed by none other than Gordon Ramsay himself. Gordon Ramsay’s latest series of “Next Level Chef” competitions is considered the next step in the evolution of cooking competitions, as Gordon Ramsay created a one-of-a-kind stage-mounted cooking glove that audiences have never seen before.
Three teams of five compete in a competition to determine the best dish and send two chefs to face-to-face cooking for the first time. Unlike the previous challenge, three teams of five changed kitchens for the first time and prepared dishes for fifteen chef mentors. After the previous challenge, three mentors taste the chef’s dishes and assign kitchens for the next challenge based on the performance of the chefs.

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Gordon Ramsay, Nyesha Arrington, and Richard Blais Host Along Side Eachother

In the Fox series, veterans Ramsay and “top chefs” Niesha Arrington and Richard Blais serve as mentors to three teams that cook at three levels. He was co-hosted by celebrity restaurateur Nyesha Arrington and James Beard-nominated chef Richard Blais. All three lead a team of five members. After training with famous chefs such as Guy Savoy and Joel Robuchon, Gordon Ramsay first appeared on the reality scene in 2004 when he began hosting Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares and Hells Kitchen.

Each week, chefs are randomly assigned a level that corresponds to one of three cuisines. In the first episode, each of the three members of the jury selects a team of contestants to host a contest that will award the winner $250,000 of the contest. In the first episode, 15 chefs were divided into three groups of 5 and sent to a specific kitchen for good luck in a prank. We got to know some of the competitors a bit and there were a few hiccups with one competitor Nisesha Arrington being called cocky and another forgot to take a protein, but the real drama during the prep phase is minimal condition.

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What Makes Next Level Chef Different Than Hells Kitchen


Compared to previous shows, Next Level Chef feels like esteemed chef Gordon Ramsay is in the trenches with the contestants and can really don a mentor’s apron. Gordon Ramsay’s first new cooking show in 12 years, Next Level Chef, is Studio Ramsay Global’s first series as part of a development deal with FOX Entertainment. FOX introduced Gordon Ramsay to American audiences in the 2005 U.S. version of Hell’s Kitchen, which opened the door for other hit shows including Kitchen Nightmares, Chef and now Next Level Chef.

Gordon Ramsay, best known for his curse in the kitchen, amassed a whopping 16 Michelin stars on the way to becoming one of the most famous chefs in the world. FOX Entertainment is calling “The Next Level Chef” the next evolution of the cooking competition as Gordon Ramsay designs a one-of-a-kind cooking glove on an iconic stage like you’ve never seen it before. Going back to the roots and distilling Gordon Ramsay’s philosophy of life and cooking, no matter who you are or where you start, with the perfect combination of perseverance, determination and passion, you can find success and true joy in the culinary world.

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