Why are the Korean casinos open to everyone?  

Asia’s casino business is growing, with casinos in places like high-tech South Korea, the Himalayan country of Nepal, and communist Vietnam all open to people who want to play for money. In a place where there has been a lot of growth, people have a taste for and the ability to do high-end things for fun.

Gambling establishments bring in a steady flow of hard currency, which drives tourism and boosts the local economy. A record $38 billion was bet on gambling in Macau in 2012, making it the world’s largest gambling center in case of 메이저사이트 .

Addiction and shattered families are well-documented and illegal acts like loan-sharking because people play games like roulette. To get the best of both worlds, several Asian governments have built high-end casinos while keeping their people out. There is a general belief in South Korea that Koreans are more likely to become addicted to gambling, says Kim Jin-Gon, the tourism director in the Culture Ministry. Kim thinks that Korea doesn’t have a mature culture that can enjoy gambling as a hobby.

The reason they’re all in one place is because of “remote exceptions.”

There are still parts of the ban in South Korea that haven’t been done yet. Kangwon Land Resort, one of the country’s 17 licensed casinos, is open to people who live in the country. Some salaried people were supposed to be put off because it was in a hilly area a hundred kilometres and took a three-hour express bus ride from Seoul.

In the case of people who like to gamble, “bullet taxis” say that they can get them there in half the time. Attendance and revenue data seem to back up these claims.

Kangwon Land is more popular than all the foreign-only casinos put together. It has an average of 10,000 visitors a day, which is more than five times its actual seating capacity. In 2011, Kangwon Land made about 1.2 trillion won ($1.1 billion) in revenue.

As a result of the overcrowding, calls were made for other casinos to open to Koreans, but the government said that Kangwon Land was a one-time project to help an economically poor area.

Director Kim says that if everyone had access to casinos in big cities, the casinos would be full of people.

According to him, “If we let Koreans into the casinos, there would be no room for foreigners, which would be against their whole point.”

In both Nepal and Vietnam, foreigners cannot play in casinos. In Nepal, this rule is often broken.

The country’s first casino opened in 1992, and since then, there have been seven open casinos and two more that are still in the works. According to the Finance Ministry, casinos brought about $72 million in tax revenue in 2012.

All forms of gambling are illegal for Vietnamese citizens, except for the government lottery. Illegal bets on everything from cockfighting to English Premier League football are common. As a result, Vietnamese gamblers can cross the border into Cambodia, where many big casinos have been built just for Vietnamese tourists.

Cambodians can’t gamble in their casinos, but it’s safe to say that they’d be welcome in Vietnamese casinos.

Singapore made a compromise that made them “angry.”

A compromise was reached: All citizens and long-term residents can now play in Singapore’s casinos. But people who have lived in the country for a long time have to meet more rules. Any Singaporean who had filed for bankruptcy or needed long-term financial help was banned from the casino right away.

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