What Attracts People to Non-Fungible Tokens

Television host Ellen DeGeneres joined the non-fungible token (NFT) gold rush with her first sale in late April. She decided to auction her explanation of NFTs on the Ellen Show and a physically drawn picture of a cat that was featured in the clip as her first NFT. Open for 24 hours; Ellen DeGeneres earned $33,495. DeGeneres donated to the World Central Kitchen, the food-relief organization founded by Chef José Andrés.

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The list of celebrities who embraced non-fungible tokens is quite impressive. For instance, legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk is one of them. He decided to add his own twist to NFTs by auctioning off a video of himself performing a trick on the Ethernity Chain.

Hawk’s performance of the 540-degree Ollie, a trick he first landed in 1989, was sold as the “last ollie” the skateboarder will ever do. Notably, the clip is supposed to be compared with his first Ollie 540 from 32 years ago, and while we don’t know how expensive it will be or how many editions will be available, being so intimately close to Tony Hawk, we can assume it will fetch a high price.

Non-fungible tokens and musicians

Hopefully, more and more people will realize the significance of non-fungible tokens.

DJ Steve Aoki doubled down on an NFT drop in March. Firmly believing that NFTs are here to stay, he has partnered with creative director and 3D visual artist Antonio Tudisco in order to create the “Dream Catcher,” a piece that also came with physical copies, which earned more than $4.29 million.

Moreover, he partnered with motivational speaker Tom Bileus once again in order to launch the “Neon Future” NFT set. As a reminder, the sci-fi comic was created by digital artist Maciej Kyciara and went live on Nifty Gateway on April 27.

Reflecting on these experiences, DJ Steve Aoki stated that he has always been a passionate collector, and the overlap between music as well as new ways of collecting art has given Aoki “an opportunity to finally merge art, collectible culture, and music in a way I’ve never been able to realize before.”

Canadian singer Shawn Mendes joined the marketplace OpenSea with a collaboration with Genies to sell unique wearables after the success of its Mesut Özil line, which made over $500,000.

From a virtual guitar to necklaces, vest, as well as earrings were available to purchase on OpenSea and made Shawn Mendes more than $600,000. Following the sale, he donated his proceeds to the Shawn Mendes Foundation Wonder Grants, designed to help young activists with big ideas.

Eminem and his NFT collection

This spring, world-famous rapper Eminem shared his first NFT collection titled “Shady Con,” which took the form of a digital festival that gave fans the chance to own an NFT collectible on Nifty Gateway.

The one-of-a-kind tracks, including original instrumental beats created by Eminem, were released before the limited edition festival. In speaking about why he was intrigued by NFTs, The rapper stated that his love for collectibles when he was young didn’t have a market, and he is happy to recreate some of those collections.



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