5 Tips to Plan a Dog-Worthy Birthday Celebration

Puppies are known for showering the household members with immense love, care, generosity, and loyalty every waking moment. So, we think puppy parents and the rest of the family should return the favor by making them feel important on all days and a little extra special on their born day.

Prepare a checklist days before the B-day arrives. You can have pawsome items like puppy-safe desserts, toys, gifts, and more. Help your puppy have a blessed day by keeping the birthday events fun and paw-worthy. Also, you must pay attention to the temperament of fur baby invitees because you never know when a happy moment can quickly turn into a scary scuffle.

With many fur babies around, there can be accidents and injuries while playing, unexpected toxic ingestion episodes, and more. This is one reason why puppy parents should consider purchasing dog insurance. Pet health insurance can support your pup’s non-routine vet visits, medications, treatments, and health care for specific health conditions up to the benefit limit.

1.Selecting the birthday present

Puppy cakes and presents form the core of this occasion. You need to put yourself in your puppy’s shoes while shopping for “The” present in the pet stores. Think about what toys could spoil your puppy. Is it a Kong? Tennis ball? Stuffed Toy? Pinata? And more. You don’t have to tell us, but learn your puppy’s toy preferences for their special day is soon approaching.

2.Bake favorite puppy cakes

While not all human food is safe for pets, some pet food can be safe for humans, too, especially when it is cakes and they are homemade. Puppy cakes can be made with minimal ingredients readily available at home. Some of the most common items for whipping up a simple pup-friendly cake batter are whole-wheat flour, eggs, pumpkin, apple sauce, peanut butter, yogurt for icing, and shredded veggies or bananas, for topping.

3.Make best-loved ice creams

It is easy to prepare puppy ice creams and ice pops that your fur baby can go head over paws for. Some healthy basic dog ice creams are made with lactose-free yogurt, fresh fruits like bananas, strawberries, peanut butter, veggies like pumpkin, etc. All you need to do is blend the ingredients, pour them into puppy cups, and freeze them. Your puppy can have their ice cream and eat it too!

4.Take out the party gear

Make your fur baby feel festive with handmade party hats, scarfs, bow and tuxedo, balloons, streamers, banners, pet-safe confetti, chalkboards with the food menu, and dog décor, dog furnishings, and more. You can take the help of your family members and friends to get the dog party arrangements started. Also, you can leave your puppy at one of your friend’s houses so the whole thing can be a grand surprise for your pet as they arrive home when the clock strikes twelve. Just be careful your pup and their guests don’t accidentally ingest or choke on the decorations and outfits.

5.Food and games for the puppy crew

Now, the invitees can get bored too soon. So, plan meal times, snacks, access to water bowls, and some fun but safe games so the fur baby squad can enjoy and cherish attending a woofing party like this once they get back to their homes. Also, monitor the paw squad, so they don’t feast on forbidden food items.

As we all know, fur babies are unpredictable. So, however busy you may be attending to the human guests, ensure you closely watch the furry invitees. Misunderstandings, envy, aggression, competition, etc., can evoke unpleasant events during a delightful party.

Dog insurance can help you deal with unanticipated pet medical expenses due to accidents, injuries, health emergencies, and more. Pet health insurance can significantly lower your financial burden during specific illnesses, dental issues, and more, depending on the health coverage. So, weigh your puppy’s health needs and plans before signing up for a pet insurance policy.

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