WFT Cheerleaders Are Traumatized Reliving Topless Photos

Despite the millions of dollars spent on the WFT cheerleader program, some cheerleaders are dismayed at the appearance of their images in promotional materials. The photos show them bare-chested and partially-covered pubic areas. Former cheerleaders who learned about the unauthorized photos say they were violated. One cheerleader claims her topless photoshoot for the 2008 calendar was not taken under the supervision of her teammates.

In the summer of 2017, the NFL fined the Washington team a total of US$10 million for the scandal. Cheerleaders sued the WFT, alleging that the coaches had inappropriately distributed a secret video of the squad’s members. The lawsuits were settled out of court. The NFL opened an investigation and fined the WFT $10 million for violating its rules and regulations regarding workplace culture. The fine is not public, but the cheerleaders’ photos were among the allegations against Gruden.

The Washington Redskins’ cheerleaders were photographed topless and required to attend an event as “escorts” for male sponsors. Many cheerleaders were not comfortable being photographed with unknown men. This practice was criticised by former ESPN reporter Britt McHenry. The cheerleaders’ photos are widely shared online and have gone viral. They are often portrayed bare-chested in promotional materials and calendars.

Sadly, some cheerleaders did not get the opportunity to become full-time employees of the organization. Despite the fact that this was a job opportunity, the cheerleaders were forced to sign NDAs to remain on the team. The cheerleaders represented the WFT in 35 countries. Fortunately, this isn’t the case anymore. While this may seem like a glamorous job for the cheerleaders, the organization had a policy of only hiring female cheerleaders.

The WFT cheerleaders are a unique group of people. While the majority of cheerleaders don’t pose for photos, many of them pose for unofficial videos. This is a risky practice for the athletes and the cheerleaders’ health. But even though Scourby was unaware of the incident, she remained on the team for another four years. She even served as team captain in 2008.

Some cheerleaders may be embarrassed by their pictures, which can be shared with fans. Others are happy that they are recognized and paid for their work. And while some women are happy to be seen on the field, cheerleaders are often subjected to abuse from male colleagues. But what about the women? Do cheerleaders have the right to be sexually harassed in their job? The NFL should do something about this.

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