Trends in bathroom lighting — fashionable and functional solutions

The bathroom is a room where lighting plays a very important role, especially when there is no access to daylight. Even if your bathroom has a window, you probably often close it with blinds. After all, everyone wants to feel free in the bathroom, and the feeling of security and intimacy is very important. As you can see, good lighting is important here. So how to design bathroom lighting so that it fulfills all its functions and is maximally functional? We talk about this in our article.


Functional bathroom lighting should consist of several elements:

  1. first of all, the central lighting of the bathroom is important, since such a lamp should evenly illuminate the entire ceiling, walls and hidden corners;
  2. secondly, the lighting of important functional areas. This group includes wall lamps installed above the mirror, or spotlights in the bathroom that illuminate the shower cabin and bathtub;
  3. the last type is decorative lighting. These are gentle wall or pendant lamps installed above the countertop in the bathroom. If you care about the correct, but also elegant lighting of the bathroom, each of the three types of lamps should be included in your project.

It is important to choose lighting in the bathroom during shower remodeling sacramento according to the square footage of the room. In a bathroom with an area of ​​6 square meters, one ceiling lamp with a 75 W lamp is enough. However, if your bathroom is larger than 10 square meters, there should be several light points on the ceiling with 50W lamps. This makes it possible to evenly illuminate the entire room.

Of course, this is the power of traditional light bulbs. When choosing LED light sources, it is necessary to choose equivalents with lower consumption, but with similar efficiency. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an expert. Information about the power of a traditional light bulb corresponding to the LED model is available on the packaging of LED bulbs. There is also information on the color of the light on the package – for the central lighting of the bathroom, it is better to choose those with a colder shade.



Ceiling lights are used for central bathroom lighting. This is the best choice for many reasons. First of all, they take up little space and do not interfere with everyday use of the bathroom. Imagine that you touch a hanging chandelier by throwing a towel over your head. It wouldn’t be very convenient.

Of course, you can choose this type of lamp or a classic chandelier – this is one of the trends of recent seasons, but remember that it will work only in high and spacious bathrooms. In small rooms, such lighting can overload the interior and optically reduce it even more.


You should remember that the lighting in the bathroom is not only decorative, but above all it should be functional. That’s why you need to remember several aspects:

  • The bathroom should be evenly lit. This is especially important during daily make-up, shaving or washing. That is why the light must be very well diffused. Choose lamps in the bathroom with a closed lampshade, preferably made of opal glass, which will perfectly cope with the uniform lighting of the entire space. If you don’t like glass, there are many shades on the market made of frosted plastic, which perfectly mimics frosted glass.
  • The color of the frame – unlike the appearance, this is a very important aspect. Very often, bathrooms are small rooms that need a lot of light, and dark lamps can take up a large part of it. A good solution is to choose a metal chrome frame, which additionally reflects light rays. Chrome or trendy gold is a good choice for the bathroom.
  • Avoid blinding effect. Choose a lamp with a closed shade. Thanks to this, you will reduce the risk of light reflection in the mirror or reflections in the water. However, if you like a chandelier with an open light source, choose a suitable bulb for it, for example in an opal housing, which will also diffuse the light effectively.



Finally, a few words about modern solutions, i.e. LED lighting. Many people are afraid of installing LED lights in bathrooms. This is due to the fact that the technology is relatively new, and we do not yet know it very well. However, these fears are groundless. These lamps, like classic models, are great for lighting a bathroom, and modern solutions can significantly improve the comfort of using a room lit by them. Even thanks to the fact that the LED spotlights in the bathroom are presented in different light colors – they can be easily adapted to the current needs of the bathroom.

Of course, LED lamps, like classic ones, should be adapted to work in wet rooms. Those that will be located near water sources must have a degree of protection IP44. However, ceiling-mounted lights in large, well-ventilated bathrooms can easily be rated IP20.

There are more and more lamps on the market with built-in LED panels, which we strongly recommend for home lighting. This solution is not only energy-saving, but also convenient. You don’t need to worry about how to replace the bulb. Customers who are not sure about lamps with built-in panels should choose those models that are adapted to energy-saving LED bulbs.

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