Opening of Shangri La Batumi – continuation of the Georgian fairy tale

Any respectable resort does everything possible to attract guests from all over the world. We are talking about advanced infrastructure, luxury hotels, and, of course, entertainment. Georgian Batumi was no exception to the rule. The popularity of the resort is growing from year to year. That is why the legendary international gambling brand Storm International also paid attention to the local, rapidly developing gambling market. At a certain moment, a fateful decision was made to enter the brand into the gambling market of the popular Georgian resort.

And now, finally, this day has come. On August 2, 2023, in the presence of the world-famous brand leaders Michael Boettcher and Darren Keane (Storm International CEO), a solemn and vibrant event took place in the truly royal, five-star Ramada Plaza Hotel. The brand’s new gambling establishment, Shangri La Batumi Casino, opened its doors to its guests.

What awaits guests of the new Georgian oasis of excitement? For fans of American roulette and classic casino card games, there are 28 gaming tables. Soft chairs and comfortable modern gaming tables – everything here contributes to your luxurious stay. They also decided to pamper numerous fans of slot machines here. On the territory of the gaming hall, 136 modern slot machines on various themes and with different bet levels are harmoniously located. Do you want to hit the jackpot on one of the slot machines? Do you want to beat the dealer at roulette or poker? Do you want to play for high stakes and become a member of the VIP club? You definitely need to visit the new Shangri La Batumi casino.

As for the public of the new casino, today the lion’s share of visitors are local players and guests from Turkey. Gradually, the casino is gaining popularity among players in Israel and post-Soviet countries. An increasing number of foreign guests began to visit the new casino, thanks to its well-established junket tours.

Gambling fans often wonder what the dress code is in a new casino and do guests need to show some kind of identification upon entry. In all gaming establishments of the brand, you will be tactfully asked to present your ID upon entry. There are no special requirements for the dress code; it should simply be non-provocative and adequate. Although for exclusive, special evenings that are held in the gaming houses of Shangri La, a special, thematic, festive dress code is announced by the establishment in advance.

Having opened a new casino, the brand is not going to be satisfied with what has already been achieved. Storm International, Darren Keane added, has long been nurturing a seemingly unconventional, but still quite feasible idea. The brand has a dream of creating a real casino resort, which the brand team will create from scratch. The brand is also studying and is ready to introduce any new casino opportunities, no matter in which country this happens. Shangri La has really big plans for the future.

Do you want to know what is the secret of the company’s large and successful business? Everything ingenious is simple! The brand team always moves forward purposefully, overcoming even the most seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Such cohesion and belief in its philosophy is the key to the successful future of the brand throughout the world.

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