New88 cockfight betting page – Summary of terms when participating

When participating in the Trang NEW88 cockfight betting site, mastering the relevant terms will help gamers improve their chances of winning. Today, online cockfighting is a type of entertainment that attracts many players. Let’s find out the details of the most detailed and accurate cockfighting terms right here!

1.Terms gamers need to know on the New88 cockfight betting site

When participating in the New88 cockfight betting site, gamers need to know what basic terms, let’s stay tuned!

1.1 Chicken guard

On the New88 cockfight betting site, cockfighting is a descriptive word for the name of the people who raise fighting chickens. Used for the purpose of stopping the roosters, not allowing them to step on the hens. In the process of raising polar chickens, chicken breeding plays an important role. This is a method that helps the cock to get a better chance in the game because it does not lose strength.

1.2 Earthquake

Absorption is a pretty good position in cockfighting. Here, the cock will use a net force on the opponent’s rod. Then perform a strong head down to the level of the kick and kick your opponent up.

Almost any chicken that is hit by a ground attack has a very high chance of losing. However, if the participating cocks are too strong, they will only be stunned when they hit the ground, but can’t collapse right on the floor.

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The term sparring refers to the act of two cocks competing against each other on the court. In it, two chickens will use the same spur and have the same weight class.


If you are a member of the New88 cockfight betting site, you will know that the level is the term for a chicken that is raised too carefully and rarely goes to the arena. Therefore, their ability to compete is not good but also very clumsy and clumsy. In the process of betting on cocks, you should avoid “aggressive” cocks because they have a small advantage.

1.5Chicken Cup

The term trophy chicken is used to describe the cocks with short tails or congenital whistles, etc. If fighting cocks are raised in large numbers, perhaps the phenomenon of encountering roosters is inevitable.

1.6 Crocodile chicken

Crocodile cock is a descriptive term for cocks that crow without breath but have extremely strong strength and fighting style. If you watch it live on the New88 cockfight betting site and hear people rate a certain cock as a crocodile, remember to bet now!

1.7 Twilight

Cock (or chicken class) means the weight class of the fighting cocks. Chicken grading will take place before they officially enter a match. Currently, there are 3 basic weight classes: light weight, medium weight, and heavy weight.

1.8 Pebbles

In the process of watching live on the New88 cockfight betting site, you must have come across a familiar position, which is stone. This is the act of fighting cocks to bite the opponent’s mouth and then kick right into the lower jaw / neck or throat.

1.9 Cage running/ cage training/ air rhymes/ flying cages

Cage run/cage practice/air rhyme or flying coop are all used to refer to exercises commonly seen in fighting cocks. Although the advantages of each exercise are not exactly the same. However, the general purpose is still to increase the fighting ability and endurance, endurance for the cock.

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2.Special care

Conditioning (or Conditioning) is the action that cockers usually perform before bringing the cock onto the playing field. Experts on the New88 cockfight betting site often apply this method to help minimize calf swelling and leg twisting in chickens.

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3.Why should you join the New88 cockfight betting site?

Many newcomers to the online betting community today still wonder if they should join the New88 cockfight or not? The answer will be right in the outstanding advantages of this entertainment spot as follows:

New88 cockfight betting site has been granted a certificate of legal operation, ensuring credibility and information security for all users.

New88 cockfighting rules are extremely simple and easy to understand. Gamers just need to carefully read the instructions that the betting site gives, there will be a way to adjust the playing strategy extremely useful.

The interface of cockfighting games on New88 is intuitive, easy to see and beautiful. Visual graphics and sound are also extremely vivid and attractive, ensuring users never get bored.

Promotion events on entertainment venues are always “hot”. Because this unit does not hesitate to update promotional events every day to thank members for trusting in using its service. As long as you register for a New88 cockfighting account, you will have the opportunity to participate in receiving countless attractive gifts.

Thus, above is an article sharing about the term gamer should know when participating in the extremely detailed New88 cockfight betting site. Quickly register New88 casino to become a NEW88 member today to experience the best quality of products and services!


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