According to Vn88 mobile, “Genius” Messi and the 122km/h goal make him an eternal monument, standing next to Maradona!

Quick sharing with Vn88cx NHM said that Lionel Messi is one of the best players in world football ever produced, no need to prove to anyone. For the people of Argentina, Messi has been an eternal monument, after a shot going at a speed of 122 km / h hit the Mexican net this morning.

“November 25 is a very sad day for the Argentine people. In the match against Mexico, we hope to bring joy to Maradona – who is in heaven looking at us. That is the most important thing. Every time I look at Maradona’s picture, I can’t believe he’s gone. Hopefully, we can bring joy to the whole country,” coach Lionel Scaloni replied quickly to Vn88 right after the match.

Argentina beat Mexico with a score of 2-0. The star of the match is none other than Messi, who is known as Maradona’s heir – when other heirs in the past are forever just a shadow of the ‘Golden Boy’. In the 63rd minute, from outside the box, Messi hit a dangerous shot to beat goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa to open the scoring. Ochoa simply could not have a chance to block when the shot of the number 10 on the Argentine side went at a speed of 122 km / h as announced by FIFA.

Quick news from about assistant coach Pablo Aimar sobbing when he saw Messi’s goal. Coach Lionel Scaloni also shed tears watching Messi assist his junior Enzo to score the winning goal. It is a happiness, a release from the tons of pressure placed on the shoulders of the coaching staff and the players. In the dressing room, the whole Argentina team sang and celebrated.

“I was born in Argentina, the hometown of Maradona and Messi. I cried because I lost the World Cup final. But the thirst for titles is over, in Copa America 2021. Now I’m happy, I want to win the World Cup. 3rd Cup. Maradona in heaven, holding a cigar and cheering for Messi” – is the content of the song of the Argentine players in the dressing room.

For Argentine players, Messi is not only a teammate and a brother, but also an idol on the same level as Maradona. When Maradona shined to help Argentina win the World Cup, Messi and many of the players in the current Argentina squad were not born.

The 2-0 victory over Mexico helped Argentina “revive” to hope for a ticket to the 2022 World Cup. After the victory was a celebration in the dressing room, the Argentine player simultaneously sang: ‘I want to want. world championship’.- Those are the images of Vn88 mobile newspaper recorded in the dressing room.

At that time, everyone danced to celebrate and sang Messi’s favorite song in unison. This is a song written for Messi, chosen by Argentine fans as the “national anthem” for the 2022 World Cup.

In it were lyrics like: “I was born in Argentina, the land of heroes like Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi, where the children from Malvinas I will never forget. I can’t. explain to you, because you won’t understand, the final we lost many years ago and I cried a lot because of it.

Vn88cx sports newspaper said it was over, because in Maracana, the final (Copa Amercia) with the victorious Brazil returned. Guys, now we’re excited again, I want to win the World Cup for the third time, I want to be the world champion. And we can see Diego, in heaven, with Don Diego and Tota, cheering for Lionel Messi.”

Everyone sang together, including Coach Scaloni. The joy spread, even Rulli who was standing on the table screamed madly. And Messi was shirtless, constantly waving both hands.

The 24-second video recorded a crowd of fans gathered at a university in Bangladesh to watch live Argentina’s 2-0 win over Mexico. After nearly 60 minutes of anxiety and suspense, everyone exploded with celebration when they saw Messi score.

After Vn88 posted, this video has attracted millions of views and many major newspapers around the world have shared it. Everyone was surprised by the love Bangladesh has for Messi and the Argentina team.

Although football is not very developed in Bangladesh, they are very fond of… the legendary Diego Maradona, then this love turned to Lionel Messi. Supporter Sujan said: “If you ask why people between the ages of 20 and 38 in Bangladesh support the Argentina team and not the other team, most will say because they love Messi.”

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