Evergreen College Dorm Party Sauce

The college dorm room is a great location for a party, but it’s also a great place to throw a themed event. Future accountants can come dressed in suits and scrubs, and psychics can perform for the guests. Whatever you do, make sure to keep the number of guests under 25. Otherwise, your dorm party will be a disaster. Here are some ideas for throwing a dorm party.

Music: Whether you choose slow music or fast tempo tunes, music will keep the party lively and fun for everyone. Play a mix of slow and energetic songs to get the party going, and be sure to include a couple of pop songs. However, keep in mind that loud music will disturb the sleep of older students and neighbors. Keep the volume at a moderate level. Otherwise, you’ll end up with angry seniors and neighbors who won’t be able to sleep.

Theme: A college dorm party is a great place to celebrate a friend’s upcoming graduation. There are so many ways to celebrate, from a traditional birthday party to a themed party. Whether your party is to celebrate a new year, celebrate a friend’s graduation or celebrate a special occasion, a college dorm room can be a great place to host a party!

Karaoke: For a fun and unique event, consider using a Karaoke device in the dorm. The best part about this is that everyone has a chance to show off their hidden talent. If you can’t find anyone who can sing well, play a game of karaoke, where the players wager on the song’s outcome. A win or a tie is awarded to the winner.

Glow Sticks: These colorful LED lights come in different colors and styles. They add to the overall mood of the party. Glow Stick Necklaces and Crowns are also fun to wear and can be used for table centerpieces. Lastly, don’t forget to add some colorful balloons to the party. It’s sure to be a hit! So many dorm room decorations can be found online. You can find some great dorm room decorations to inspire your party.

College Dorm Party: Planning a dorm party is easy with this app. Not only will it save you time and money, but it will also connect you to fellow students. The app will even let you save events for future reference. It’s easy and fun. It’s not just for college students, but for all college students. The app is free, so download it today! You’ll be glad you did.

Make sure to limit alcohol consumption. Alcohol can become a problem in college dorms, so be sure to keep it to a minimum. If alcohol is involved, you can easily ruin the night for your friends and ruin your academic career. So it’s best to stay away from the dorm parties where alcohol is involved. So make sure to hire a designated driver. Sober guests won’t have to worry about a hangover!

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