Best software types for streamlining internal processes

Software has become an integral part of any business now. They are great at delegating roles and reducing redundancies. Not only that, they also help you streamline your projects and get the best results with maximum efficiency.

But not all HR softwares are created equal, some might have better specs, while some only look good on paper. Finding the one that will be the best suited for your needs is a bit of trial and error.

Types of software

Essentially there are two types of management software; Software Centric and Human-Centric –

System centric

They are based on legacy systems and require little to no human intervention. These are fast and also very efficient for many business practices. Banks use them all the time for various purposes and have gotten great results.


The tasks need to be approved by a human on this and tasks are carried out by employees. A great example of this type of system would be complaint management and customer services bots.

Here are a few of the most popular ones –

Zoho Creator

A great option for people using any other Zoho product they give you customised applications for your specific needs. There are more than 50 industry-specific templates that you can use for your business. HR software can be used to make the hiring and managing of human resources easier than ever,

They are great for basic app designs and there is a 15 day trial. So that you can test out the creator platform before you commit to it.

Process Street

A great solution for small and medium sized businesses, process street can create checklists and recurring task lists for your program. You can also create automated workflows with the help of the drag and drop interface.

It also has a large number of templates and a very user-friendly interface. You can build strong apps without any problems and with the visual aid available this will be a very easy process.


A low code platform that has been known to be used by Warner brothers and Volvo it is great for communication tools, automation, and organisation. It focuses more on request management and approval flows and has a great form builder too.

You can create custom processes right from scratch but it also has a host of built-in plugin templates that you can use. Combine with that the fact that it has a kanban view and it is a good option for anyone looking to streamline their internal processes with HR software.


A no code building platform that lets you get in on custom processes and also with database functionality too. It also supports API integration and is used by many charities most notably the Alzheimer’s Association in Colorado and also LiveWell.

They can be used for finance related aspects of HR. It is great for automating the recurring tasks that might come to you throughout the day, especially like contact information and activities.

No matter what your end goal with your HR software is, there is something for you out there. They can ease your life by automating most of the recurring tasks with almost no errors.

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