Why Choose Boyu Extruder As Your Extruder Machine Manufacturer

Wuxi Boyu Plastic Machinery Co Ltd, a leader in SPC floor equipment and a manufacturer of PVC flooring extrusion manufacturing lines, was founded in 1998. Design, production, sales, and after-sales service are all integrated by our business. With more than 90 technical patents, we strive to develop and produce the most cutting-edge technology while becoming your trustworthy and knowledgeable extruder machine manufacturer.

Reasons to Choosing Boyu Extruder

-R&D Center

There are presently more than 10 personnel working at the Boyu R&D Center for the plastic extrusion business, all of which hold intermediate and senior technical designations. Boyu is a partner that earns your trust because it is an exceptional plastic extrusion company and manufacturer of plastic extruder machines.


In order to create equipment that is simple to use, safe, and environmentally friendly, Boyu Extruder focuses on technological innovation and research from the point of product quality, environmental protection, and safety.

-Good Reputation

Boyu Extruder has more than 20 years of experience in extrusion and professional technical support. We aim to provide the whole industry with a high-quality, innovative, efficient extrusion production line. With a commitment to constant R&D and the pursuit of excellence, we have established ourselves as a market leader in technology (owner of 60 patents).


As your dependable partner in the plastic flooring market, we strive to offer the entire sector a premium, cutting-edge, and effective extruder (extrusion production line). From plastic floor extruders to the entire extrusion production line, our plastic extrusion firm provides a wide range of systematic solutions with cutting-edge machinery. Our machinery is environmentally benign, and the flooring it creates is devoid of formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals.

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