Best Home Remodels for Increased Value

You might have found yourself at a crossroads. Maybe the house is feeling a little stale, but you have a feeling that you might want to be selling in the next couple of years. That could be due to a retirement on the horizon or you might be expecting that the family isn’t done growing.

There’s many different things that might have you considering a remodel in your home. No matter the reason, it’s a good thought to go from asking yourself “What is my home worth as-is?” to “What could it be worth with a little updating?” What’s better than improving your day-to-day life all while upping the resale value?

A Home Office

Adding a workspace into your home can be done in a few ways. A spare bedroom, a finished basement or an attached garage are all good candidates when it comes to making space for a home office. Due largely in part to the pandemic, the amount of people working from home has hit an all-time high. 

For many that started working from home during the pandemic, they are hoping to continue to have that option well after the pandemic is completely behind us. Even if the home office is something you personally might not get much use out of, it is sure to be something many potential buyers are looking for once your home is finally on the market. 

Odds are, it won’t take much cost or effort to make a spare area in your home workplace ready, but it is sure to add to the value and desirability whether you are looking to sell in a few months or years from now. 

Finish Your Basement

This a good candidate for the home office we’ve already talked about, but don’t think that’s the only potential use of space like this. For you as the current owner or for whoever is the next buyer,  stylishster having a finished basement is a simple way to add more usable and heated square footage to the home.

This is a blank canvas to do with nearly whatever your family pleases. Outside of the option as a home office, it can be a gym, an at-home theater, an additional bedroom, or even a place for the kids to feel like it’s theirs. Extra space is sure to be equally enjoyed by you and yours as well as being something the next buyers are sure to be willing to pay extra for.

Add More Parking

As family units, we typically have more cars than we did 50+ years ago. If you have a decently older home, whoever built it might have never dreamed of having more than one car per family. Looking at then compared to now, odds are much higher that in a 2 parent household, both parents are working and need their cars to get there.

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In addition to the high likelihood that both parents will need a space to park, any child old enough to drive might have a car for themselves to get to school and/or work. Even if you aren’t needing extra parking yourself, having that ready for the next buyer might be what makes them choose your home over another.

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