How to Keep Pests Out with a Door Bug Screen 

With summer in full swing, many of us have been enjoying more time outside. You may have pets, kids and guests coming in and out of your home through all hours of the day. Between all the outdoor fun and coming and going, it is pretty likely that you’ve had some unwanted guests coming and not going. Oh yes, we are talking about bug season. Mosquitos, cockroaches and flies are not exactly the type of houseguests you want overstaying their welcome. But what can you do other than seal your family inside the house for the summer? Let us introduce you to the door bug screen. This is our favorite solution for keeping out unwanted pests in the summer months, so let’s get into it.

 Installing a Door Bug Screen

Installing bug screen doors used to be an expensive and annoying process. The type of bug screen you are most likely familiar with acts as a secondary door. Because these have to be specifically fitted and installed to your door, they are not exactly something that everyone can justify. Now you can find variations of this design that can cost you as little as 15 dollars. They come with a magnetic strip that is easy to install on any door in your home. You then connect the screen to the door via the magnetic strip and you have successfully sealed the bugs out! You and your family can enter in and out of the screen through the curtain style seal in the middle.

The bug screen is by far the most foolproof way to prevent invasive creatures from intruding on your home. With it being a cost-effective option, you should have no issue installing one of these on each entry point of your home. Then when bug season comes to an end you can remove the screen and leave the magnetic strip for easy installation next year.

Unfortunately, the doors are not the only way bugs can enter your home. Here are a few other tips for keeping your home as pest free as possible:

 Keep Your Kitchen Clean 

Your kitchen is paradise for bugs. Even if you keep your kitchen spotless, the food stored in your home is going to be the main thing that will keep bugs around long term. And it’s not just the sugar heavy sweet stuff that is attracting pests. Different types of bugs like different types of foods. There are bugs that are attracted to flour, cereals, crackers, dried pasta or rice, nuts, chocolate and even spices. Some bugs will also be attracted to pet food. This is why it is important to ensure that your food is being stored properly.

Make sure that you are storing all open food in tightly sealed containers. Also try buying products in smaller quantities to ensure that they are not sitting open as long. Also anything that can be stored in the freezer or fridge should be. Think about things like flour or bread. These products can both be stored in the fridge or freezer. Make sure that you are sweeping up any fallen crumbs off the floor and counters and don’t forget to clean out your sink and garbage disposal regularly to prevent any buildup of food debris.

You also want to ensure that all garbage in your home is being taken out regularly, especially if it contains any food scraps. Consider purchasing smaller trash cans to encourage your family to empty them more frequently.

Keep Damp Areas Dry 

When bugs come into your home, they are in search of both food and water. This is why areas like the bathroom and laundry rooms can also be hot spots for pests. There are even some species that prefer to stay in damp areas like silverfish, springtails, and centipedes. To make these areas less appealing to pests, make sure that you immediately address any leaky faucets, drains or pipes. Also make sure that your air conditioner, washing machine and dryer are all in proper working order. You can also invest in a dehumidifier if you have areas that are prone to dampness such as a basement. You also want to make sure that you are wiping up any water spillage that occurs after a bath or shower immediately.

Keep Your Yard Debris Free 

Another helpful step you can take in preventing bugs is to address debris on the outside of your home. If you have firewood stacks, compost bins or any yard waste sitting around, you are inviting bugs into your yard. And if you are inviting bugs into your yard, it is only a matter of time before they attempt to make their way indoors. When it comes to firewood and compost or trash bins, try to keep these items as far away on your property as possible. Also make sure you are checking over firewood for bugs before you bring it inside. Also remove any standing water you may have to help prevent mosquitoes from breeding. Regular landscaping and weeding can also help prevent pests.

Use these tips and tricks this summer and you can ensure that bugs will not be checking in to your home. Save that space for guests that you actually invited by installing a bug screen today.

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