15 professions of the future and how artificial intelligence sees them

  1. Digital removal specialist (Digital removalist)

Today, the Internet knows more about us than our relatives and friends. And also, unlike people, it has a much longer memory. Everything you post online is likely to stay there forever. It could be your irrelevant posts, embarrassing photos, or personal information you’d like to keep private. A Sacramento digital marketing removal specialist will help those who are not ready to put up with Internet publicity to delete unwanted information about themselves and cover their digital footprints.

  1. Space tourism guide

Space tourism may sound like a dream come true, but companies like Virgin Galactic and SpaceX are making it very real. It is expected that by the end of 2026, the volume of the space tourism market will reach approximately 21 billion dollars. And in the future, we may be able to buy tickets outside the Earth as easily as hot tours to Egypt. When traveling through space, we will need a guide – a space tour guide , who will talk about gravity, planets, satellites and the history of space exploration during the flight.

  1. Data detective (Data detective)

Today, thanks to computers, smartphones, fitness gadgets and other devices, we generate a lot of data about ourselves, which represent an extraordinary value for various companies. But in order to deal with them and get the maximum benefit from it, companies will need a data detective . It will help businesses better understand and serve customers by tracking and analyzing all possible data about them.

  1. Drone manager

Unmanned aerial vehicles are already actively used for filming, training pilots, surveying the terrain and performing tasks in combat zones. In the future, the range of their use will expand even more: drones should become an effective way of delivering goods and parcels. Large companies and logistics operators may have entire fleets of drones, where, in particular, a drone manager will work . Such a specialist will be responsible for the launch of drones, their maintenance, control and tracking of flight routes.

  1. Chief Automation Officer

The head of automation is expected to become one of the important positions in the future. This is a vacancy for an expert in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics, whose task is to use these latest technologies to effectively automate processes and develop the necessary machines.

  1. Internet lawyer

In 2022, cybercrimes (crimes that occur using, within, or against a computer system or internet network) caused a trillion dollars in global losses. The number of crimes and misdemeanors on the Internet is constantly increasing, so in the future, a special Internet law lawyer will be involved in these cases , who will understand the nuances of regulating relations in the virtual space, in particular, in social networks.

  1. Gamification specialist

Gamification is the introduction of game mechanics into non-game processes. In business, gamification helps to make interaction with the company interesting, so it is used to attract and retain not only customers, but also employees. Currently, this is mainly done by marketing managers or HR specialists, but in the future it may become a separate line of work, for which a gamification specialist will be responsible . Its task will be to interest and entertain customers or employees with the help of interactives based on knowledge about psychology and behavior of people and data collected about them.

  1. Lifestyle strategist

The number of gadgets and applications that collect data about our health is constantly increasing: these are fitness trackers, ECG monitors, calorie counting programs, etc. A lifestyle strategist – a consultant who will analyze your individual indicators and based on them develop a diet, training program and generally shape your lifestyle –   will help you sort through this pile of data .

  1. Space junk recycler

A space debris disposal specialist will search for and determine the coordinates of the debris and develop the most efficient ways to remove it from orbit.

  1. Digital currency advisor

With the surge in interest in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, investors now have huge opportunities, but also potentially more risk, as these financial instruments are not yet regulated. A digital currency consultant will explain to people what is happening in the digital currency market and advise how to invest their money with the greatest benefit and least risk.

  1. Smart home design manager

A smart home is a system of home devices capable of performing certain everyday tasks without human intervention. A smart home can independently control lighting, temperature, home security, etc. The growing demand for such houses will lead to the need to attract relevant specialists. A smart home design manager will help build them from scratch or upgrade ready-made homes with all possible modern technologies.

  1. Human-machine teaming manager

The future of the labor market is clearly related to the automation of processes: machines will gradually take over some of the responsibilities. However, automation will not only reduce jobs, but also create new ones. For example, there will be a need for a human-machine collaboration coordinator , who will manage the joint work of people and technology. It will determine which tasks and processes can be automated and establish the rules by which machines and humans will work together to achieve maximum team productivity.

  1. Trash engineer, or Garbage designer (​​Trash engineer / Garbage designer)

According to the UN, people produce more than 2 billion tons of garbage every year. There is a catastrophic lack of space for it, and over the years this problem will only worsen. So, in the future, a sought-after specialist will probably become a garbage designer , aka a trash engineer. The task of such a specialist will be to develop smart methods of waste processing on a large scale. In addition, product manufacturers will hire trash engineers to find more efficient ways to use and reuse the byproducts of their production.

  1. Rewilder

Wildlife restoration projects aim to repair the damage caused to the environment by factories, houses, people, cars, etc. It will play an increasingly important role in shaping our future landscape, so a wildlife restoration specialist will be in demand. Its task is to restore ecological harmony both in rural areas and in cities. For example, tearing up roads and planting trees in their place, creating natural wetlands, removing fences to restore bird routes, etc.

  1. Augmented-reality journey builder

Augmented reality technologies already allow you to travel without leaving your home, and in the future their development may even reduce the need for real travel. With the help of AR, it will be possible to visit not only the most famous museums in the world, but also to visit, for example, space. The Augmented Reality Travel Developer will be responsible for writing, designing and creating augmented reality travel experiences to provide clients with maximum immersion in an incredible world of entertainment.

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